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NewsApril 16, 202143504Biotech Medics, Inc. Now Operating Sumcoin Nodes Directly

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WOODLAND HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / BioTech Medics, Inc. (OTC PINK:BMCS) Announces the firm has begun operating Sumcoin Nodes directly and is exploring how to support the network with mining equipment. A significant step while BMCS continues to cooperate with FINRA for the Company’s name change approval from Bio Tech Medics to BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund Inc.

According to Anthony K. Miller, CEO, “We want utilize the Sumcoin Network but also provide support to the Sumcoin network. In order to accept Sumcoin payments, BioTech Medics is now using internal and open source software for using and supporting Sumcoin. Nodes are computers which run a full core wallet on Sumcoin’s network that stores the complete blockchain history and history of work by miners to verify transactions that avoid the cryptocurrency from being spent twice. I understand that a community coin depends of the efforts of the coin holder himself, so contributing Nodes and exploring how to harden the blockchain with mining equipment just makes sense.

I’ve been a firm believer in Sumcoin as a currency for several years now. Since Sumcoins value is predicated by an Index, it’s not subject to pump and dump schemes. Sumcoins blockchain shares the security/decentralization characteristics of Bitcoin plus its speed of transactions make SUM a superior peer to peer currency in my opinion. As fiat currencies show more signs of inflation, you see Sumcoin used more and more in nearly every country directly from one person to another totalling over 24 Million transactions in its history so far. I think this is only the beginning for Sumcoin so this is a seminal moment for BioTech Medics. There’s simply no other coin like Sumcoin”.

The companies Sumcoin Node generated its first Public Key which is ST66djkwcpuz8j12P1eKyEuQGmdTcqFja1

READ MORE ABOUT SUMCOIN: https://www.sumcoin.org/

About BioTech Medics, Inc.: BioTech Medics, Inc is a publicly traded Wyoming company traded on the OTC Markets under the stock symbol BMCS located in Los Angeles California. BioTech Medics Inc. has historically been a biotech firm however, now a crypto- firm focusing on Sumcoin one of the most significant currencies in the world.

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